Cheers to Formula 1!

The party doesn’t stop when the races do. In the spirit of the 2014 United States Grand Prix, we are offering one complimentary Caipirinha for each Formula 1 ticket stub or badge presented during the weekend of October 31st – November 2nd. Formula fans can cruise on over after the festivities have ended for the day and enjoy a cold glass of Brazil’s national cocktail, made with Cachaça (a Brazilian brandy made from sugar cane), muddled limes and sugar.

Although easy to make at home (see recipe below), be wary. This delicious concoction is all about balance, and our bartenders have mastered the technique to mixing the perfect, refreshing beverage. Formula 1 fans, we look forward to seeing you after the races!


1 fresh lime
2 ounces of Cachaça
1 tablespoon of sugar
Crushed ice

**Cut up a lime into 8 wedges in a rock glass with sugar. Muddle softly over the sugar. Add Cachaça and top with ice. Stir and serve.Welcome Race Fans

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